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The Pumpkin Sling has finalizing a new location for 2016. This year the Pumpkin Sling will focus completely on the STEM aspect of the event. It will be held at Picatinny Arsenal and will be invitation only. (We will incorporate an event open for the public again in 2017.)

The Pumpkin Sling is a competition between participating teams that build a human powered catapult or trebuchet, designed to propel a 2-4 lb. pumpkin.

Careers and subjects surrounding STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are in high necessity and it is important for the youth of today to be exposed to these subjects early to develop interest. The Pumpkin Sling contest allows participants to use STEM knowledge in a fun and competitive way. By building catapults to fling pumpkins, participants will be using a variety of physics and mathematics including: linear kinematics, projectile motion, trigonometry, and engineering physics. To reach maximum distance, participants will have to calculate the degree at which their catapult will fire.

Participants will encounter specific problems with their catapult. The pumpkin may reach maximum height without any distance or be fired into the ground. By troubleshooting and calculating, they will find the perfect median between range and height to make their pumpkin go the furthest distance. Along the way they will learn to construct their catapults to their own design involving the important quality of an engineer: designing and drafting. The pumpkin sling contest allows participants to use STEM in an interesting way in order to get people involved in the STEM subjects and careers.

Or more simply put, "Where brain meets brawn"

Click here to see the story of one team, Stomach Virus, and their journey from having their interest peaked to being World Champions.



Team Application & Waivers

2016 Trebuchet and Catapult Rules and Application

Waivers for Team Members - coming soon.

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Pumpkin Sling is a World Championship Punkin Chunkin Event!




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